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“One of the best talks on wellness I’ve ever attended.”

- Audience member at the 2013 NHRMA (Northwest Human Resources  Management Association) conference

Welcome M. Nicole Nazzaroto the Wellness Playbook! I love getting feedback like this – it’s a testament to how much we need to take care of our health – and yet how confusing and difficult it can be to discern fact from fiction. In my life as a published author and journalist I’ve covered four Olympic games, many national and international-level sporting events, and co-written a book on outdoor health and fitness. The Wellness Playbook is my speaking and blog site for corporate and individual health and wellness issues. I consult with corporations on creating true wellness cultures (it’s not about “the killer app”) and offer keynotes and workshops that strive to be truly memorable and actionable for every audience member. For more information on my keynote presentations, workshops, and webinars, download my 2014 speaking one sheet here. I look forward to hearing from you! Best wishes on your fitness and health journey.

Warmest regards,

M. Nicole Nazzaro


It’s worth it. It’s worth the dedication to learning how to live your healthiest life. It doesn’t take anything fancy, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. What it takes is effort, dedication, and a desire to learn exactly how the incredible machine known as the human body is designed to work – and then allowing it to work that way. It also requires a healthy dose of humor…at least, if you’re going to be hanging out with us along the way. We specialize in making wellness fun, enjoyable and inspiring.

For Corporations

The Wellness Playbook motto is: Your health is in your own hands. I offer keynote talks to kick off your company’s wellness initiatives or to give your employees a shot in the arm mid-program; wellness workshops for general audiences, employees, and executive teams looking to introduce or strengthen the wellness offerings your company provides; strategic consulting for designing and implementing wellness programs; and one-on-one executive coaching for leadership teams.

For Individuals

The Wellness Playbook will soon be offering seminars for individuals and groups on kick-starting a personal health and wellness plan. Contact me for more details!

Coming soon…even more opportunities to learn, grow, and improve your health – and the health of your companies.

You’ll soon see even more expanded website content: more news commentaries, podcasts, and recommendations for businesses that support healthy life choices. Check back often for updates and be sure to sign up for the Wellness Playbook newsletter by following the link on the left-hand margin of this page. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: we do absolutely nothing with that list except use it to send you your newsletter. No spam, no third-party emails, no unwanted marketing in your e-mailbox.

As always, if you’re a company that feels sympatico with our vision, contact us about placing an ad on our site. If you just want to help us get off the ground – we’re entirely self-funded and believe in the need for smart, simple health education for all – soon I’ll be adding a place on the home page for you to make a contribution to the work of this site.

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